Regal Beagle

[COMPANY] Regal Beagle

[PROJECT] Brand Identity

[DESCRIPTION] Designed a Brand Identity Logo for Regal Beagle.

The original e-commerce start-up company called "The Bucko" changed their company name to Regal Beagle to be trademark and wanted to redesign the brand but keep similar aspects of The Bucko brand. It is a e-commerce business of selling cleaning supplies, other household goods, and products for distribution. The owner wanted to the company to based off his childhood dog which was a beagle name Bucko. Carrying out his wishes to keep the beagle as it's brand, I've redesigned the dog and added more 2D like features with new typeface and brand colors. I've updated the beagle colors for more of a pop and added a teal/aqua color for a pop of color and contrast to also relate to it's cleaning supplies.

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