Mega Chromes

[PROJECT] Mega Chromes

[CONCEPT] The project was sponsored by Pantone and Our team came up with the concept to teach children about colors and how it ties in to emotions with a unique storyline. We used visuals and games with our monsters to create a fun way of learning about color.

[SOLUTION] We created a story with our monsters about how they are to save the world by coloring it with their emotions. The evil monsters of Lex and Vex want to destroy the world by making it black and white. Each monster has a color that corresponds with it's facial emotionthis relates back to how a color is associated with a certain emotion. On the back of the card, it teaches what type of color it is and gives the monster it's own unique characteristic with a little backstory. My team consisted of total of three members: Stephanie Hutomo, Jia Cao, and myself.


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