I CAN University


[CONCEPT] The project was sponsored by Pantone and was based off the previous team from last year that won. We were to design a mural and parts of the school with a posters series and activities tools to help promote anti-bullying. We wanted to bring the community together to have a positive impact. These graphics show the unity as well as why you shouldn't judge a person by what you see on the outside; instead, you should get to know them for who they are on the inside. From far away you see a community, but when you get closer you see all the different individuals forming one community. The warm and cool color palette balance each other and bring professionalism and an energetic ambiance to the school.

[SOLUTION] With the help of Pantone, we were able to help the school. We created the main mural in the lunch area so students could look at something positive on a daily basis. We also created other murals to paint elsewhere in the school. My team, included Stephanie Hutomo, Jia Cao, and myself, also created activities to help the students, teachers, and parents to connect with one another.


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