Hi! My name is Lisa Tran & Welcome to my website! A little about me, I am a small town girl from Kansas that moved to California to follow my dream as an artist. I started out in University of Kansas and then transferred to Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The reason I made the transfer is because I wanted to learn the difference between the Mid-West & West Coast Design and grow my techniques and skills as an artist. 

Ever since I was young I love to be involved in several different things like basketball, tennis, dancing, sculpting etc. As an artist I wanted the same things and over the years I have developed my skills in different areas. Including; print, packaging, digital design, web design, photography, product photography, videography, typography, art direction, brand identity, social media, and much more.

Through all of my years of school and life, I have learned to survive through times of adversity as well as the good times. I strive to overcome each difficulty I encounter because all obstacles come with life lessons that are hidden within. In the art of design, we often meet such challenges. I face these with the same determination as I do all obstacles in my life. Design is an integral part of me that I carry wherever I go without even noticing it. I see the world with a designer’s eye, and it affects everything I do, and all that I am embodies my designs. Every step I take my shadow follows. Design is my shadow.

I am currently located in Los Angeles, CA but I travel back and forth between LA & San Francisco. I've worked with lot of start up companies, beauty brands, and small businesses. Over these years, I've learned a lot and picked up new skill sets and experience in those industries and is quick on adapting to new ones. As a designer I always like to discover different types of industries and learn about them. It helps diverse not just myself but can see on a business and marketing level how things relate and are different can overlap in the same consumers. This way I can take my knowledge and help other business gap the artistic side with the business side. I love to grow with everyone I work with and watch how far they go. Because art can speak volumes and connect bridges where you least expect it.