Project Revolution

[PROJECT] Project Revolution

[CONCEPT] Project Revolution is a music festival to promote an awareness of the devastating effects of bullying. Bullying is one of the major problems that the country is facing. Artists that have hep supported a new generation for a revolution, also have overcome bullying and other hard times. This festival is filled with artists by Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, FlyLeaf, Crossfade, Paramore, and Shinedown.

[SOLUTION] I chose punk rock music for the festival because when I was younger, I was bullied too and the music I listened to gave me an outlet and comfort. These artists music have several songs that are tied to emotions that people tend to hide. By creating a stencil graffiti with a mic in hand, it gives the victims of bullying a feeling that they have the voice to stand up for themselves and other victims. 


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