Decoding The Mystery Of The World

[PROJECT] Decoding The Mystery Of The World

[CONCEPT] The study of enciphering and encoding is a world that started centuries ago. There are many mysteries in the world, though codes are one of the world's biggest and most famous mysteries. They were used in cave drawings to teach people to read and write in secret messages and are now used to code our technology that we use everyday. Different types of codes have arrived in this world and so many more will form. They have told history and have helped those who have lost their sight to read. In this book you get to learn about different types of codes we have seen throughout the centuries and learn how to use and decipher them yourself.

[SOLUTION] I wanted to make sure to get all different types of codes that existed. So I showed the old school codes, numbers, computer coding, and even Braille codes. Each chapter shows how they are used and how codes have evolved in our world. It shows how important is coding is to us in the world like it is another language and culture.



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