Hi! My name is Lisa Tran and I am from The Middle Of No Where Kansas. Literally it's the middle of Kansas and the United States. Sorry I don't have a Toto but I can draw one for you if you like! One of my favorite sketches and doodles are robots! I like how I can make my robots be anything possible that I can put my mind to it. Besides doing design, I dance, play basketball, play tennis, and theatre.

[INTRODUCTIONS] Through all of my years of school and life, I have learned to survive through times of adversity as well as the good times. I strive to overcome each difficulty I encounter because all obstacles come with life lessons that are hidden within. In the art of design, we often meet such challenges. I face these with the same determination as I do all obstacles in my life. Design is an integral part of me that I carry wherever I go without even noticing it. I see the world with a designer’s eye, and it affects everything I do, and all that I am embodies my designs. Every step I take my shadow follows. Design is my shadow.